But no human being has found anything under the sun that brings lasting satisfaction. He also talks about his own mistakes. I thought she was just annoying on that song, and her part should have been chopped and screwed. Lies in them songs, lies on the television No tellin’ what lies on the television Learned sarcasm, sexism, racism Learned to worship money, cars, learned to hate Christians All the Christians in the movies so typical Alcoholic, child molesting, hypocritic, mystical They say since everybody’s doing it, it’s normal But Jesus says be transformed and don’t let them conform you You ain’t thin enough, you need a new diet You need a psychic, everybody does it, you should try it Spring break, hit the beach, what you supposed to do Be careful what the media impose on you You learned how to find peace a TV show You learned how to ride clean from a video In 30 seconds a commercial have you mixed up Call now and we can have your whole life fixed up Hook: Since then, Reach stumbled upon PRo, a member of another up and coming record label, and sort of unofficially added him to the Clique.

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This is a must have, you wont be dissapointed. The lyrics are about fighting sin, and it’s sort of a sequel to Desperate from Rebel, Lecrae’s 3rd drop. And finally he comes through again on this song, possibly the best on this album. Suzy Rock appeared on the immensely popular High on Rehab. Lecrae comes hard with the second offering of “Rehab”. As a general review note, this album, as with every other LEcrae album, has a completely different sound.


Rádios que tocam Lecrae

Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. What does this price mean? This album Rocked I love the violin intro then the bass drop on track 6 “Chase That”. You may also like. When she lays down that one verse, it sounds exactly like Lil’ iRock Williams.

cd lacrae

With Overdose, Lecrae pits the danger of excessive consumption of worldly enticers against continuous consumption of Jesus. This album only has 11 tracks, compared to the 17 on Rehab. Lecrae Import Music CDs. Save on CDs Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Seja o lacrxe a avaliar este item.

Fall Back – Lecrae –

The album climaxes with the martyr’s anthem “Battle Song” ft. This song really speaks to me Then you have The Overdose. Swoope, which boasts in Christ’s finished work on the cross that provides assurance of our final rehabilitation in Heaven.

I like all of his albums but to see how God has lacrea him with each album is incredible.

Cd Lecrae Church Clothes, Vol. 2

Then the latter two left Reach and founded their own record labels. Pick them both up! Suzy Rock appeared on the immensely popular High on Rehab. If Lscrae is our rehab, in Jesus, satisfaction can be found. I have heard it said before that if you put trash in you can only get trash lacdae. She does the chorus, one verse and the bridge. This song really solidifies the whole notion of this being a sequel to Rehab and not a completely new, stand-alone album.

This song is about defining what your goals are in life.

cd lacrae

Be a rebel let the Word of God lead you Satan uses media to tempt you and deceive you He will lead ya, leach ya, leave ya So be careful as you navigate through media Lacrad heed before gravity get the best of you And you find the concrete bench pressin’ you Use the Word of God to help you filter all that Before you fall into the trap, you better fall back Trip Lee You know what I call that? This is definitely a must have album.


Lecrae really shows his singing ability on this song as well. They talk about how God is the only one who can help you not feel so low, and He should replace drugs.

Flame and Shai Linne jumped on the Clique and they released a second album. See details for additional description. See all 3 brand new listings. I thought she was just annoying on that song, and her part should have been chopped and screwed. I am hoping to find an album of his as well to lift up laccrae Lord in this awesome Christian Rap.

Between the four of them, they’ve come out with 12 albums. This is not just an alternative to mainstream rap but will encourage you to grow in God to the point were you overdose on him.

Lecrae Music CDs. Lecrae and Thi’sl go really good together, I’m surprised that they have’t collaborated on more tracks.

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